You want your wood to have a timeless look. Let us at Union Square Vintage Wood Company provide it for you.

We use reclaimed wood to bring your custom projects to life with rustic textures, dealing with a variety of areas such as flooring, kitchens, wall coverings, beams, and furniture. With recycled wood gathered from barns and abandoned mills, your vision gains a uniqueness not otherwise attained with other woods.

Union Square Vintage Wood Company brings with it years of expertise in the field of reclaimed and recycled woods in order to best serve your custom designs. Allow us the pleasure of helping you to discover the beauty and high quality of reclaimed wood.

Why Buy Reclaimed Wood from Union Square Vintage Wood Company?

There are many reasons why reclaimed wood is gaining popularity. Union Square Vintage Wood Company is committed to the environment, and using recycled wood for your furniture and flooring designs is the environmentally responsible choice for your future.

In preserving the rich tradition of using reclaimed wood, your designs and creations gain the character of antique furniture, while sustaining the depleting forest industry.

Modern Meets Rustic

Wood is a wonderful material that draws people in with its natural warmth and familiarity. Reclaimed lumber in particular has a lovely, aged patina that lends itself well to furniture. We’ve taken this special material and reinterpreted it into fresh, contemporary designs. Our simple silhouettes respect and highlight the beauty of the wood, showcasing the grain, knots and charming imperfections. Whether your tastes are contemporary or country, our custom-made designs are sure to complement any setting and become treasured pieces.


In our opinion, one of the most important factors of your choice to use reclaimed wood in your home is the positive influence that this will have on the environment in which we live. The environmentally responsibly choice we are making with our products like recycled wood floors and reclaimed wood furniture is the most gratifying experience to have when making a purchase for your home.

Choosing your products with us is an eco-friendly alternative to depleting more forestry in an already suffering world. Your purchase of reclaimed wood product reveals hidden character in the wood not otherwise seen while doing your part for the environment.


When you choose reclaimed beams and mantels from Union Square Vintage Wood Company, you are not only choosing an invaluable and original addition to your home or commercial property, but you are also helping us to preserve the precious history that is held within the restored wood itself.

Many of our recycled beams are rescued from former mills, warehouses, and barns, and hold the warmth of history and nostalgia within its grain. Your reclaimed beams and mantels will become an original conversation starter as a true ‘wow’ factor in your home.


Recycled wood offers many benefits to your project, one of which being that through the very material used, your project becomes unique. These reclaimed woods offer characteristically distinct textures that set your sense of style apart from the run-of-the-mill commercial woods. The former life of the wood is shown through various subtle marks, each hinting to a past story that cannot be replicated. As conversation pieces, your home or commercial building will gain an unrivalled level of charm through an antique style. By choosing Union Square Vintage Wood Company, you are choosing wood with a very rich history and charm to add to your space.


Old-growth trees occupied the original forests, and typically take many decades to mature. These were the trees chosen to create the long-lasting warehouses, barns, and homes that our country was built upon. While old-growth wood is now dwindling, that which was used in previous creations still holds immense strength and beauty. It is from this wood that Union Square Vintage Wood Company draws its reclaimed wood, giving it a new life in your ideas.