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Barnwood Bricks ® are another example of the innovative ways we use reclaimed lumber here at Union Square Vintage Wood Company. These versatile wooden tiles or bricks are a great alternative to traditional plank flooring. They offer the same warmth and charm of wood floors, but their brick shape allows them to be installed in a number of beautiful patterns. Barnwood Bricks ® can also be used to add visual interest to walls and to create wood furniture.

While Barnwood Bricks ® make excellent floor and wall coverings for a true old world feel, here at Union Square Vintage Wood Company we enjoy using Barnwood Bricks ® to construct barn wood furniture. Thanks to their wonderful textures, intricate patterns and range of colors, Barnwood Bricks ® can be transformed into amazing pieces of wood furniture. Full of rustic charm and character, our old Barnwood furniture is sure to appeal, no matter your taste or style. Barnwood Bricks ® can be used to create old barn wood furniture with genuine country character, such as a rustic table with a wonderfully textured surface. For those with more contemporary tastes, our Barnwood Bricks ® can also be used to form modern pieces of wood furniture with sculptural qualities. No matter the application, our barn wood furniture is sure to inspire and garner lots of attention.

On this page you will find several examples of our Barnwood Bricks ® floor and wall covering options and some of our old barn wood furniture creations. Whether you are looking for a unique wall or flooring alternative for your residential or commercial space, or for authentic barn wood furniture, we invite you to visit our showroom and explore the many uses of our charming Barnwood Bricks ®. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have and discuss how our Barnwood Bricks ® can be used in your next design project.