About Us

In 2010 Gary Litwin started the company with 3 other partners. Since his previous career was in the Apparel Trade, Gary understood that great aesthetics married to natural materials combined with great service, is a winning formula. Within the next two years Gary assumed the leadership of the company and implemented his winning formula to every project.

The secret to the success of the company can be described in 3 words: service, service, service. Gary made sure to always deliver top quality work on a timely basis. Over time and with the help of several mentors and loyal associates, Gary became an expert in the industry and the company was able to grow by securing projects with national and international brands.

The company takes pride in securing reorders from satisfied customers. Although, the company started with reclaimed wood, over the years it has added many other products such as metal, brass, glass, stone, quartz, marble, and other sustainable materials. Today the company is proud to be able to deliver top quality projects with a variety of products, all over North America.

The secret to our success are the people that we work with!

In order to deliver the highest quality projects at a cost-effective price, our shops are equipped with the most modern automated machinery and use the latest technology. Notwithstanding, most of our finishing is done by hand by our master craftsmen.

Let us bring your projects to life!

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