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Art As a Service (AaaS)

Union Square Vintage Wood, our newest & most exciting service.

Modern art is in the mainstream and is presently making inroads into the commercial arenas. Art installations are very trendy and done the right way, will enhance your projects and connect your customers to your brand.
We offer indoor & outdoor, original, custom designed art installations of various types. Whether for advertising or simply for setting a mood, art installations add value, promote well being and enhance our environment.

We provide full design services or follow the customer’s (Architect’s, Designer’s) ideas.

We offer the following services:
Murals (interior and exterior of any size), painting installations (on canvas, wood panels, etc.), various sculptures including neon light.

Interior & exterior murals and installations that can be done:

We offer a variety of art styles from modern to traditional. We work collaboratively with a group of young talented Quebec artists, each with different styles and skills.