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Unique Flooring

Our reclaimed wood floors are unrivalled in terms of their ageless beauty, warmth & charm.

Planning to install or update your wood flooring but not sure what is the best option? We at Union Square Vintage Wood Company encourage you to consider outfitting your space with reclaimed wood flooring. Union Square Vintage Wood Company reclaimed wood floors are unrivalled in terms of their ageless beauty, warmth and charm showcasing many of the original character marks such as, nail holes, saw marks, notches and age cured rich patinas. Our reclaimed antique wood floors bring an uncommon sense of style to any commercial or residential new build or remodelling project, offering a unique beauty and defining character that cannot be found or duplicated in newly sawn timber.

No matter if installed in a high-traffic commercial space, or a private boutique, reclaimed wood flooring is a hardy and suitable option. As most reclaimed wood was originally hewn from old growth forests, it is not only beautiful, but also remarkably durable. Recycled wood flooring is also more stable and less likely to expand and contract compared to its newer counterparts, thanks to its lower moisture content. Our team can help you determine if reclaimed wood floors are appropriate for your project.

Beautiful & remarkably durable.

All of our floors offer clean aesthetics, with high quality manufacturing. We produce precisely milled wide plank flooring with attention to detail and craftsmanship.

It is our mission to seek out unusual manufacturing techniques, in line with environmentally friendly  processes. This allows us to provide distinctive pallets of color, texture and size of wide plank, that pushes trends in new directions for diverse markets.

We offer our reclaimed flooring in oak, elm, hemlock and pine.

Create your own floor!

We can create a floor personalized to you.

We bring in a variety of hardwood flooring in different widths, grades and species. We use top of the line finishes that not only protects your flooring but also leaves the natural appearance of the wood intact.


Pine, Oak, Hemlock, available in a variety of rich colours & gorgeous textures. Installing salvaged wood flooring is the best way bring old-world charm and grace to any space.